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What is RiceTeaCatPanda?

RiceTeaCatPanda is a CTF (Capture The Flag competition) that crosses a variety of random ideas and challenges to solve, including but not limited to cryptography, web, binary, forensics, general computer skills, data analysis, AI hacking, and talking!

I'm new to CTFs. Can I still participate?

Uh, "Can"?!?!? You mean "May I participate?" and the answer is yes! In fact, we encourage people new to CTFs to participate in this competition!

How do I get started?

Students should register here and begin forming teams. Be sure to read the rules. Challenges will be released at Jan 20th 2020, 8:00am PST and flags should be submitted with the competition format: rtcp{random_text_here} (rtcp{} wrapping and underscores between words). Some problems may require Linux: It may be helpful to install a virtual machine prior to the competition using software like VirtualBox (or use WSL). An installation tutorial can be found here. Check out other CTFs like picoCTF to practice with similar challenges, though some may require knowledge beyond the usual scope of CTFs.

Who are we?

riceteacatpanda is developed by:

  • Jess Fan
  • Tida Ngov
  • Vihan Bhargava
  • Jess (the other one)/J


Our amazing community sponsors!

    Luke Holland
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