How can you tell the difference between a good cryptography joke and a random string of words?
You can't. They're indistinguishable.

Broken Yolks 50 Points

Fried eggs are the best.
Oh no! I broke my yolk... well, I guess I have to scramble it now.

Ciphertext: smdrcboirlreaefd

Dev: Delphine

Sizzle 50 Points

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we ran all out of bacon, so we had to use up the old stuff instead. Sorry for any inconvenience caused...

Dev: William


CH₃COOH 50 Points

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Dev: William
So I was trying to return the stolen archives securely, but it seems that I had to return them one at a time, and now it seems the thieves stole them back! Can you help recover them once and for all? It seems they had to steal them one at a time...

Dev: William


A while back I wrote a Python implementation of RSA, but Python's really slow at maths. Especially generating primes.

Dev: Tom


Rainbow Vomit 535 Points

o.O What did YOU eat for lunch?!

The flag is case insensitive.

Dev: Tom


My math teacher made me do this, so now I'm forcing you to do this too.

Flag is all lowercase; replace spaces with underscores.

Dev: Claire


Parasite 784 Points

paraSite Killed me A liTtle inSide

Flag: English, case insensitive; turn all spaces into underscores

Dev: Claire


11 1,527 Points

I wrote a quick script, would you like to read it? - Delphine

(doorbell rings)
delphine: Jess, I heard you've been stressed, you should know I'm always ready to help!
Jess: Did you make something? I'm hungry...
Delphine: Of course! Fresh from the bakery, I wanted to give you something, after all, you do so much to help me all the time!
Jess: Aww, thank you, Delphine! Wow, this bread smells good. How is the bakery?
Delphine: Lots of customers and positive reviews, all thanks to the mention in rtcp!
Jess: I am really glad it's going well! During the weekend, I will go see you guys. You know how much I really love your amazing black forest cakes.
Delphine: Well, you know that you can get a free slice anytime you want.
(doorbell rings again)
Jess: Oh, that must be Vihan, we're discussing some important details for rtcp.
Delphine: sounds good, I need to get back to the bakery!
Jess: Thank you for the bread! <3

Dev: Delphine

edit: This has been a source of confusion, so: the code in the first hint isn't exactly the method to solve, but is meant to give you a starting point to try and decode the script. Sorry for any confusion.

.... .- .-.. ..-. 1,696 Points


Dev: Sri