Miscellaneous chaos
Did you know the word miscellaneous comes from the Latin "miscere" meaning "to mix"?

Rules 50 Points

Please read the rules.

Spilled Milk 50 Points

oh no! i'm so clumsy, i spilled my glass of milk! can you please help me clean up?

Dev: Rue


Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah 129 Points

I zipped the file a bit too many times it seems... and I may have added passwords to some of the zip files... eh, they should be pretty common passwords right?

Dev: William


Music Lab 207 Points

Do you like my song? ♪

Dev: Sri


Satan's Jigsaw 704 Points

Oh no! I dropped my pixels on the floor and they're all muddled up! It's going to take me years to sort all 90,000 of these again :(

Dev: Tom


I only see in cubes 1,547 Points

Oh no! Jubie's been travelling through distant lands and she lost her books! She'd put so much work into writing them, it'd be a shame if they were lost forever. You never know, you might be rewarded if you find them...

Dev: Tom

I only see in cubes rezip.7z

JS Lotto 1,973 Points

I found this lotto website called JS Lotto. Wanna test your luck? I heard if you guess all 5 numbers correctly, you can win a flag!
Dev: jammy