Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is data collected from publicly available sources like social media.

(plz don't dox thx)
What is the value stored in the first registry key created by the virus Anna Kournikova?
What Google Search Operator can I use to find results from a single website?
I really like my work, I get to make cool cryptography CTF challenges but with Rubik's cubes! Sadly, they aren't good enough to get released, but hey, I took a nice image of my work! You should go try to find some more about my work :)

Dev: William

Catography 1,547 Points

Jubie's released her own collection of cat pictures. Go check it out!

Note: The Unsplash author credit is not a part of the challenge, it's only there to conform with the Unsplash image license.

Dev: jammy