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QR Generator 50 Points

I was playing around with some stuff on my computer and found out that you can generate QR codes! I tried to make an online QR code generator, but it seems that's not working like it should be. Would you mind taking a look?

Dev: jammy
The amount of data that online services like Discord and Instagram collect on us is staggering, so I thought I'd selfhost a chat app!

The chat database is wiped every hour.

This app is called Mantle and is open source. You can find its GitHub repo at

Dev: Tom

Fire/place 1,783 Points

You see, I built a nice fire/place for us to all huddle around. It's completely decentralized, and we can all share stuff in it for fun!!

Dev: Jess


Blog from the future 1,922 Points

My friend Bob likes sockets so much, he made his own blog to talk about them. Can you check it out and make sure that it's secure like he assured me it is?

Dev: jammy